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Laguna Nivaria’s philosophy

Laguna Nivaria

We adapt to your needs

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Hotel Laguna Nivaria occupies a historical mansion that is included in the city’s monument register. Our aim is to combine all of today’s comfort and convenience with the best from the past, such as old-fashioned hospitality, calmness, proximity, precise and personal service and atmospheric spaces, like Plaza del Adelantado, where the Hotel Laguna Nivaria is to be found.

Personalised service is just not possible when there are hundreds of rooms. Neither is it possible when all of the rooms are identical. A professional on a business trip doesn’t demand the same from a room as a visitor in search of relaxation, a local that wants to celebrate a wedding or a public figure that needs to meet with journalists.

A hotel ahead of the game

Touching the future

During his time, the Adelantado [colonial governor] Alonso Fernández de Lugo conquered the island of Tenerife and founded La Laguna. Today, we work in the square of the same name, Plaza Adelantado (“adelantado” means “ahead” in English), something that never ceases to influence us. What do we need to get ahead of today? Times change, as does the way we value things, but we always have to keep ahead of things and work hard.

For example, we strive for a safe, healthy and eco-friendly hotel. From the cleaning products we use, with eco-friendly certification, to the air-conditioning. Some want very cool temperatures, others don’t. That’s why each room can be controlled individually. Do you hate air conditioning and prefer a fan that consumes less energy and is healthier? Well, don’t worry because all of the rooms have the option of either.

Sustainable tourism

Eco-friendly hotel

We swear by sustainable tourism that minimises environmental impact and maximises the use of natural light whilst using products that don’t damage our environment. We have also implemented various recycling programmes and have begun the optimisation of our structures to improve the saving of water and energy. Lastly, the installation of a new biomass boiler has reduced CO2 emissions in the hotel by 40 tons.

In our restaurant we cook with eggs from happy chickens and use organic fruit and vegetables, all from our own farm “La Vizcaína”. Quality produce will arrive fresh to your table having been picked only a few hours beforehand.

What do we need to get ahead of today? This is what we ask ourselves every day. It’s frequently hard to answer, but always a necessary and appropriate question.

Laguna Nivaria
Laguna Nivaria
Laguna Nivaria Laguna Nivaria